God is a master builder and he has built you.  He has already connected all the dots in your life and is just waiting for you to pursue Him to find where to start. Forever, His Word,  all of his plans are settled in the heavens.

Your life has a beginning, middle and end.  It is up to us to unwrap the package God has given us and discover the daily joys He has purposed for us.

Eye has not seen, ear has not heard nor has entered into the heart of man all the THINGS which God has prepared for those who love Him.  Those who love Him are those who pursue Him and daily discover His love, mercy, strength and supernatural provision in every area of life.

No matter what you do, make certain He is doing it through you.  Don’t be caught alone doing your own thing outside of God’s master plan.  It is futile and exhausting.  Go to Him for what He has already supplied today and enjoy the feeling that is foreign to so many, the feeling, of peace.

Be blessed today.  PRG