There is no secret to getting all of your prayers answered.  JESUS told Philip that He would answer any prayer he prayed.  So what’s the problem here?  Why do so many people struggle through prayer?  Thrilling prayer life?  More like, boring prayer life.

Let’s fix this.  This lastest teaching will expose you to the heart of God toward your life and future.  You will understand the power of your words and their impact on the circumstances around you.  Most importantly, you will learn the secret which keeps the switch to answered prayer in the ON position.  Stop struggling with things that God has already solved for you.

satan does all he can to keep believers from having an effective prayer life.  that alone should inspire us to pray.  The old boy is obviously very afraid of  any Christian who can pray with results.

Listen to this word a few times and expect your prayer life to do a complete 180!

Get your thing…You’re A Champion,

Pastor Ralph Gerard