Ralph and Joanna Gerard

Pastor Ralph preached his first message at the age of sixteen.  Since then he has traveled to over 40 nations and across America proclaiming God’s Word with signs following.   Ralph and Joanna pioneered their first church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 1988.  His passion to equip and mobilize believers would be the driving force to his ministry.

Long before branding became the buzz in the church world, the BRAND of MetroChurch became the Presence and Power of God.   A distinction of METRO was the “Wall of Miracles” in the sanctuary which contained multiplied dozens of pieces of medical apparatus.  Everything from canes, crutches, braces, to the strangest contraptions; there was even a stretcher.  All from people who attended services with these devices and left without them, healed by the power of God!  As a result, three other south-Florida churches were birthed from that seed and all continue to prosper today.

Pastor Ralph married his sweetheart, Joanna in 1982 and together they are raising two supernatural children, Christa and Rapha.

After an eight year pilgrimage in the great Southwest, the Gerard’s have returned home to their beloved south Florida with Church on the Word, where they believe they have a stake and a fresh vision within the local tapestry of faith.