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But We See JESUS

Here’s a question.  “Do you see JESUS?” If you do, your life is about to change!  Stay with me.  Colossians 1:15 says that He, JESUS is the image of the invisible God; that He is the visible representation of the invisible Father.  Think about that, the invisible became visible.

So many people ask the question, “Are we the only life form in the entire universe?”  “Is there life anywhere out there?”  The answer is, “Yes, most definitely!” But it is not what some may think.  The out there I am talking about is the invisible spirit-world.  And that world is much more active and dynamic than our 3D world on earth.  JESUS is proof.  He came from the spirit realm, not in some inter-galactic cruiser, but in the womb of a woman.

And to be clear, in no way am I implying that JESUS is some kind of Star Wars type creature from another galaxy.  But I assure you, He is not from earth.  Nor was He conceived by the Seed of a man (See Gen. 3:15).  He is the living Son of God, sent from a very real place called heaven.

The eternal Son of God left His throne in heaven to come to earth as Adam II.  It was the only way God could satisfy the debt which Adam I incurred for all the rest of us.  JESUS came to make us ALL RIGHT after we had become all wrong!

But JESUS came not just as our Savior and holy substitute for our sin-sick lives; He also came to show all people that the invisible can become visible!  So in Hebrews 12:2 we read, “Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith…” Again, look at Him, (the tangible manifestation of the invisible God), who is also the Captain and our greatest example of faith.

There He is.  The living God, and you can touch Him! In other words, if you can believe who He is, you can experience anything you saw Him do, beginning with salvation.

Look at Christ’s life in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  He is the visible expression of the heart of our heavenly Father.  JESUS did only what the Father instructed Him to do.  And we saw the results; salvation, healing and deliverance.  Those acts have never stopped happening for those who see Him!  There is no reason not to believe that they will happen for you?

Therefore, JESUS told us in Mk. 9:23 “…all things are possible to him who believes.” And Romans 8:32 sums it all up with one question.  And careful now, your answer to this question is the key to the abundant life which you were created to possess, and it is this, “…will He not also with Him freely and graciously give us all [other] things?

If your response is, “Yes!” then let it be unto you according to His Word.  For the JESUS you see and believe determines not only your eternal dwelling place, but the quality of your life on earth, right here, right now.  See Him and rejoice!


It Is Done!

Look at what JESUS did in Mk. 11:14 – He cursed the fig tree and his disciples heard Him.  In the next verse it says they came to Jerusalem.  What happened?  After JESUS spoke to that tree, He just walked away knowing that His Word had accomplished its mission.  He walked over that faith line and moved on.  He had not one more thought about it.  How is the tree going to die?  Will it just dry up?   Will somebody pluck it out?  Who cares?  The Word was spoken in faith.  It is Done!  Let’s get going…

Had Peter not noticed the withered tree the following day, JESUS would have walked right by it without any mention whatsoever.

You see that tree was not finished when it withered, it was finished the moment JESUS turned to walk away.  At His first step.

Proclaiming God’s Word of faith through our mouths, then moving on without a care as to how the manifestation occurs is the most fun we get as believers on earth!  It works, because the LORD Himself is standing right next to us to back up what we speak.  Remember, we hear our own voice speak the Word, but that is not what the [fig tree] hears.  Your Mountain, hears the voice of JESUS.  And He cannot be denied.

So be certain you are in agreement with God, speak the Word, and move on.  It Is Done!

You’re a Champion.   PRG

Your Future Is In Your Heart

JESUS said, “…For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.  A good man out of the good treasure [deposit] of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure [deposit] brings forth evil things.” What JESUS was saying is that the substance of our inner reality [heart] will over the course of time begin to spill over and come out of our mouths as words.  Those words spoken today create our future tomorrow; so that whatever we allow our inner reality to become will eventually grow to be our destiny.  Think about that.  You and I determine the quality of our life each time we decide what we allow to be deposited into our hearts.

Is your life upside down right now? Stop thinking about it. That’s right, stop!  One may respond, “But this mess I’m in is all I can think about…”  Not true.  It’s just that you have been depositing so much of [your mess] in your heart, [through your thoughts and words] that you are now being flooded with the very thing which you hate.  Why are we surprised when the thing we think about all day comes to our door?  What we dislike intensely will come upon us!  It’s a spiritual law.  When a human being hates, we make a vivid picture in the subconscious mind which then develops into our present reality.

Why does money not show up at our door daily?  Because we never think about money arriving, we see it leaving.  Rather than “Money Cometh,”  most people’s reality is that, “Money Goeth!”  We think about bills arriving.  So of course, we are greeted with more bills so that we can see our money leave.  Mission accomplished!  But we hate that mission, ahh, read on.

We’ve got to change the picture, right?  Well, not so fast.  Actually, the picture will change on it’s own.  It has to in response to how your present picture was created.  Because your present subconscious picture is the byproduct of your response to, your mess, right?  So as long as you keep pushing back and resenting your miserable state, the picture becomes even more vivid.  Remember Led Zeppelin?  If your song remains the same, so will your picture.  So here’s you’re exit strategy from hell, dear one…

CHANGE YOUR SONG!  “Bless the Lord Oh my soul and all that is within me, Bless His Holy Name.”  Start saying it now, don’t wait.  Declare it in the midst of crisis and calamity.  It drives the forces of darkness crazy. When you change your song (confession), the picture changes. It is never the other way around.

The spiritual law at work in our God-breathed universe is this:  Humans speak their world into existence.  So rather than bemoan your present state over and over, begin to rejoice in the midst of your circumstances; begin to “pre-play” your future with your words.  Thank God for this opportunity to once again prove His Word and His faithfulness in your life.  He has never left you, and He is not going to start now!

Sure, at first it sounds strange to say things like, “It feels so good that all our debt is canceled and wiped away…”   But don’t worry, the more you say it, the more you believe it and the more the picture changes.  The Lord will then begin to work for you and through you in natural and supernatural ways.  Ideas, opportunities and miracles will begin to flow as your life begins to conform to the new debt free picture.  You WILL be free!

Want out of the hole today?  Drop the shovel of complaining, hatred and anger and begin fashioning your ladder of escape by speaking the Word of God with faith and purpose.  Watch how quickly your new future is birthed.  And moving forward, “Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.”

You’re A Champion!  — PRG

The Paint Does Not A Race Car Make

Our culture is possessed with The Look! Today, it’s not the color of your skin (which is a good thing), but wait, that skin better be tight.

Tight skin is cool, but I have a question.  “What else do you have?”  You see, a McLaren F1 is a million dollar supercar.  Sweet!  And it shimmers on a showroom floor like few cars do.  But if it came with a Ford Fiesta engine, it becomes something else altogether.  It becomes…disappointing.  Some would say, ” A Cheater.”  A Deception!  For though it had all the appearances of a race car, it was not even close.

America is being cheated today because too many parents are buying into a glossy and shallow society.  It’s time to pay the price of building our children from within…by example.

Somebody is going to get their attention and become their number one influence.  Will it be you ?

We have a historic opportunity today.  An opportunity to lead from the heart.  And our audience is all ears.  Our future leaders should not be influenced as much by the culture as they are by mom and dad.  How they act on the soccer field should reflect what they have learned around the dining room table, not on Jersey Shore.   This commitment to our children should cause us to be the everyday mentors our young people are crying out for. 

Let’s develop a thought life rooted in the Word of God along with the principles of love, faith and the riches of  His grace.  As parents, when we commit to building our hidden parts, our children will see the results outwardly.  It won’t be long before they too will begin to hunger, not just for a fancy paint job, but for that powerful engine of character and honor which will propel them into the victory zone of life all of their days on earth!

Nobody Does It Better

Carly Simon still sounds great belting out this classic hit.  And she’s singing a Biblical truth.   Nobody, does it better.  Get on this ride with me.  Who doesn’t enjoy watching a real top-notch Elvis impersonator?  I know I do.  But here’s a comment you’ve never heard leaving the impersonator’s show.  “Hey, I saw Elvis when he was alive.  But this guy was better!” Right?   C’mon.  There was only one Elvis, and Elvis was the best Elvis there was!  But wait.  There is only one you.  And nobody does you, better than you.  You are the Elvis of your world! Let’s make two quality decisions right now, shall we?

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A Thrilling Prayer Life

There is no secret to getting all of your prayers answered.  JESUS told Philip that He would answer any prayer he prayed.  So what’s the problem here?  Why do so many people struggle through prayer?  Thrilling prayer life?  More like, boring prayer life.

Let’s fix this.  This lastest teaching will expose you to the heart of God toward your life and future.  You will understand the power of your words and their impact on the circumstances around you.  Most importantly, you will learn the secret which keeps the switch to answered prayer in the ON position.  Stop struggling with things that God has already solved for you.

satan does all he can to keep believers from having an effective prayer life.  that alone should inspire us to pray.  The old boy is obviously very afraid of  any Christian who can pray with results.

Listen to this word a few times and expect your prayer life to do a complete 180!

Get your thing…You’re A Champion,

Pastor Ralph Gerard

How About Generational Blessing?

If God remembers the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation, how much more will He remember the blessing!

Adam, the moral, legal and spiritual representative of mankind chose to disobey God, and we, being in his loins, disobeyed with him!  Adam, our natural daddy become our “source” of condemnation and death and placed us under a commanded curse!  But wait.  God’s mercy toward us sent JESUS, the second Adam, to become the curse, thereby freeing us eternally from sin’s bondage.  We got a source change!  JESUS is now our SOURCE of blessing, healing and abundance!  Shout, “I’m back!”

Today, right now, the limits are off, and you my precious friend are free to be what God made you.  You can become the victorious child of God that this generation is longing to see.  Everything you need is on the earth, at this moment just waiting for your word and your action.

Connect, connect, connect with something greater than what you have on your plate.  Be a part of a living, God-inspired dream that will put a demand on the blessing, the gift and the “making” which is within you.  Do not settle for second place.  Be the gold medal you, the Lord created you to be.  Thank you for your prayer, your encouragement and your seeds of love.


Pastor Ralph D. Gerard


The Number One God-pleaser in this life is obeying the Word of the Lord.  God is the Master of giving “uncommon instructions” usually because we have an uncommon need.  Naaman was told to wash in the Jordan river seven times…his leprosy was healed.  JESUS told Peter to look into the mouth of a fish…the “IRS” got paid.  “Strike the rock, Moses”…the water gushed out.

The day we learn to recognize the voice of God and move instantly, without judgment, but with faith; that’s the day our season changes.

You’ve been needing a Word, a door, a change.  I know it.  Open your heart to this twenty-minute teaching today, then allow the Holy Spirit to reveal your next move.

Be Blessed!

Pastor Ralph D. Gerard