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A Thrilling Prayer Life

There is no secret to getting all of your prayers answered.  JESUS told Philip that He would answer any prayer he prayed.  So what’s the problem here?  Why do so many people struggle through prayer?  Thrilling prayer life?  More like, boring prayer life.

Let’s fix this.  This lastest teaching will expose you to the heart of God toward your life and future.  You will understand the power of your words and their impact on the circumstances around you.  Most importantly, you will learn the secret which keeps the switch to answered prayer in the ON position.  Stop struggling with things that God has already solved for you.

satan does all he can to keep believers from having an effective prayer life.  that alone should inspire us to pray.  The old boy is obviously very afraid of  any Christian who can pray with results.

Listen to this word a few times and expect your prayer life to do a complete 180!

Get your thing…You’re A Champion,

Pastor Ralph Gerard

How About Generational Blessing?

If God remembers the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation, how much more will He remember the blessing!

Adam, the moral, legal and spiritual representative of mankind chose to disobey God, and we, being in his loins, disobeyed with him!  Adam, our natural daddy become our “source” of condemnation and death and placed us under a commanded curse!  But wait.  God’s mercy toward us sent JESUS, the second Adam, to become the curse, thereby freeing us eternally from sin’s bondage.  We got a source change!  JESUS is now our SOURCE of blessing, healing and abundance!  Shout, “I’m back!”

Today, right now, the limits are off, and you my precious friend are free to be what God made you.  You can become the victorious child of God that this generation is longing to see.  Everything you need is on the earth, at this moment just waiting for your word and your action.

Connect, connect, connect with something greater than what you have on your plate.  Be a part of a living, God-inspired dream that will put a demand on the blessing, the gift and the “making” which is within you.  Do not settle for second place.  Be the gold medal you, the Lord created you to be.  Thank you for your prayer, your encouragement and your seeds of love.


Pastor Ralph D. Gerard


The Number One God-pleaser in this life is obeying the Word of the Lord.  God is the Master of giving “uncommon instructions” usually because we have an uncommon need.  Naaman was told to wash in the Jordan river seven times…his leprosy was healed.  JESUS told Peter to look into the mouth of a fish…the “IRS” got paid.  “Strike the rock, Moses”…the water gushed out.

The day we learn to recognize the voice of God and move instantly, without judgment, but with faith; that’s the day our season changes.

You’ve been needing a Word, a door, a change.  I know it.  Open your heart to this twenty-minute teaching today, then allow the Holy Spirit to reveal your next move.

Be Blessed!

Pastor Ralph D. Gerard