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Your Life…Your City

Each day we awaken to a visible world which operates flawlessly by invisible forces.  The tides, air pressure, winds, temperature, precipitation all affect global harvests which affect global economies which affect every person on earth.  But as usual it is God who makes the first move.  He spoke the worlds into existence by the breath of His mouth.  He set everything we see in motion and then He gave us the stewardship over it.

Since we are created in the image of God He wants us to follow His example of creation every day of our lives.  He wants us to create.  How?  With our words.  And not just any words, but with inspired words.  Words that paint the world you want, not the world you have.  Words which pre-play successes, not re-play failures.  Your words create your world.  They are seeds which come back to you in the form of blessings or curses.

As the architect of your life you develop your personal metropolis.  What does your “life-city” look like?  Is it filled with huge bridges, tall doors and super highways?  Are there beautiful gardens, prosperous neighborhoods, lush parks and elegant buildings?  Perhaps your city is different.  Some people have a city which looks more like a ghetto overrun with weeds, pot holes and graffiti-sprayed walls.  Other cities lay in rubble like some of the mid-east desert cities we see on the news.  And still others may have a Gotham City; dark, mysterious and threatening.

Your words and subsequent decisions have created the city you live in today.  But regardless of the present condition of your city, you remain the creator, the Mayor if you will.   Now please listen carefully.  If your city is in trouble, it is not too late to begin a new city-wide re-development and infrastructure program!  You can change anything and everything.  How did NYC go from being one of the most dangerous cities in the world to the #1 SAFEST big city in the US?  The Mayor, (Giuliani at the time) made a decision.  He decided that it was time to clean up the city.  And he did.  You can too.  Use your words.

Today your words are attracting some people and repelling others.  Your words are attracting opportunities or keeping them afar off.  Begin building the kind of city you want to live in every day.  It’s your life and your choice.  PRG

But We See JESUS

Here’s a question.  “Do you see JESUS?” If you do, your life is about to change!  Stay with me.  Colossians 1:15 says that He, JESUS is the image of the invisible God; that He is the visible representation of the invisible Father.  Think about that, the invisible became visible.

So many people ask the question, “Are we the only life form in the entire universe?”  “Is there life anywhere out there?”  The answer is, “Yes, most definitely!” But it is not what some may think.  The out there I am talking about is the invisible spirit-world.  And that world is much more active and dynamic than our 3D world on earth.  JESUS is proof.  He came from the spirit realm, not in some inter-galactic cruiser, but in the womb of a woman.

And to be clear, in no way am I implying that JESUS is some kind of Star Wars type creature from another galaxy.  But I assure you, He is not from earth.  Nor was He conceived by the Seed of a man (See Gen. 3:15).  He is the living Son of God, sent from a very real place called heaven.

The eternal Son of God left His throne in heaven to come to earth as Adam II.  It was the only way God could satisfy the debt which Adam I incurred for all the rest of us.  JESUS came to make us ALL RIGHT after we had become all wrong!

But JESUS came not just as our Savior and holy substitute for our sin-sick lives; He also came to show all people that the invisible can become visible!  So in Hebrews 12:2 we read, “Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith…” Again, look at Him, (the tangible manifestation of the invisible God), who is also the Captain and our greatest example of faith.

There He is.  The living God, and you can touch Him! In other words, if you can believe who He is, you can experience anything you saw Him do, beginning with salvation.

Look at Christ’s life in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  He is the visible expression of the heart of our heavenly Father.  JESUS did only what the Father instructed Him to do.  And we saw the results; salvation, healing and deliverance.  Those acts have never stopped happening for those who see Him!  There is no reason not to believe that they will happen for you?

Therefore, JESUS told us in Mk. 9:23 “…all things are possible to him who believes.” And Romans 8:32 sums it all up with one question.  And careful now, your answer to this question is the key to the abundant life which you were created to possess, and it is this, “…will He not also with Him freely and graciously give us all [other] things?

If your response is, “Yes!” then let it be unto you according to His Word.  For the JESUS you see and believe determines not only your eternal dwelling place, but the quality of your life on earth, right here, right now.  See Him and rejoice!


It Is Done!

Look at what JESUS did in Mk. 11:14 – He cursed the fig tree and his disciples heard Him.  In the next verse it says they came to Jerusalem.  What happened?  After JESUS spoke to that tree, He just walked away knowing that His Word had accomplished its mission.  He walked over that faith line and moved on.  He had not one more thought about it.  How is the tree going to die?  Will it just dry up?   Will somebody pluck it out?  Who cares?  The Word was spoken in faith.  It is Done!  Let’s get going…

Had Peter not noticed the withered tree the following day, JESUS would have walked right by it without any mention whatsoever.

You see that tree was not finished when it withered, it was finished the moment JESUS turned to walk away.  At His first step.

Proclaiming God’s Word of faith through our mouths, then moving on without a care as to how the manifestation occurs is the most fun we get as believers on earth!  It works, because the LORD Himself is standing right next to us to back up what we speak.  Remember, we hear our own voice speak the Word, but that is not what the [fig tree] hears.  Your Mountain, hears the voice of JESUS.  And He cannot be denied.

So be certain you are in agreement with God, speak the Word, and move on.  It Is Done!

You’re a Champion.   PRG