Look at what JESUS did in Mk. 11:14 – He cursed the fig tree and his disciples heard Him.  In the next verse it says they came to Jerusalem.  What happened?  After JESUS spoke to that tree, He just walked away knowing that His Word had accomplished its mission.  He walked over that faith line and moved on.  He had not one more thought about it.  How is the tree going to die?  Will it just dry up?   Will somebody pluck it out?  Who cares?  The Word was spoken in faith.  It is Done!  Let’s get going…

Had Peter not noticed the withered tree the following day, JESUS would have walked right by it without any mention whatsoever.

You see that tree was not finished when it withered, it was finished the moment JESUS turned to walk away.  At His first step.

Proclaiming God’s Word of faith through our mouths, then moving on without a care as to how the manifestation occurs is the most fun we get as believers on earth!  It works, because the LORD Himself is standing right next to us to back up what we speak.  Remember, we hear our own voice speak the Word, but that is not what the [fig tree] hears.  Your Mountain, hears the voice of JESUS.  And He cannot be denied.

So be certain you are in agreement with God, speak the Word, and move on.  It Is Done!

You’re a Champion.   PRG