Carly Simon still sounds great belting out this classic hit.  And she’s singing a Biblical truth.   Nobody, does it better.  Get on this ride with me.  Who doesn’t enjoy watching a real top-notch Elvis impersonator?  I know I do.  But here’s a comment you’ve never heard leaving the impersonator’s show.  “Hey, I saw Elvis when he was alive.  But this guy was better!” Right?   C’mon.  There was only one Elvis, and Elvis was the best Elvis there was!  But wait.  There is only one you.  And nobody does you, better than you.  You are the Elvis of your world! Let’s make two quality decisions right now, shall we?

First, stop looking to be another person’s copy and two,  begin to celebrate your own original and unique making.  You are not in competition with anyone when it comes to being you.  As a matter of fact, the faster you become comfortable in your own skin, the faster your train leaves the station.  Hang with me here.  We are attracted to another person’s success, looks or celebrity because we perceive that their life is so much more glamorous than our own.  We project our life against theirs and guess what?  We choose theirs! But our fascination is misplaced.   The allure these people have is that they have learned how to capitalize on being themselves!  That is what makes them appear so much more charming and attractive.  They have embraced their making!

It is the celebration of your precious and unique gifts which will birth your joy and make you attractive to the right people and circumstances.  So how about this?  Switch your focus.  Rejoice in how God has designed you! Now watch what happens.    Ask the Lord to help you discover your distinction.  Believe that you were created with a purpose and destiny worthy of blessing and significance.  Thank God for it.

Meditate on His Word daily and let Him confirm to you again and again that you are His valuable creation.  Soon, everything within you will be filled with the knowledge of His love and yes, His approval.  And one day, there it is.  You look in the mirror, and you are thrilled with what God has made.  “Hello world.  Nobody does me better!”