Christians are the world’s best sales people. OK, we ignorantly sell to the wrong audience, but I don’t mean that in a bad way (smile).  That audience of course, being God.

Don’t we?  Don’t most Christian’s prayers sound like we are either pleading with Judge Judy or negotiating with Donald Trump in the boardroom?  Here’s my question?
What exactly do we think we are going to talk Him into?

Because I can assure you, there is no greater waste of time than trying to change Dad’s mind about anything? He has laid out His will plainly, for all of us to know, sealed it with the blood of His Son, and basically “dares us” to believe it!  What else does prove me mean in Malachi 3:10? It means, “Go ahead, do it.”  “Do what I said and watch what I do…do it.

  I’m going to give it to you the way the Holy Spirit gave it to me, ready? “Seers Plead…Knowers Feed.” Break it down? All right.


A Seer is a person who lives in the right-now and makes his assessments and decisions in light of what he senses in his present life and circumstances.  His dominant world is before him every waking hour; his faith is in knowledge, people, places, opportunities and the abilities he possesses in his seen world.

A Knower is other-worldly.  This is a person who respects his seen world, but knows that all he sees is subject to change by the unseen power which created it.  He lives in the same present as the seer, but does not live by the same rules.  The evidence on which his faith rests is far more reliable than any contrary evidence to his senses — they are eternal.  God’s Word never fails.

The other day I was in a grocery store and met a well dressed gentleman at least in his late eighties.  He began telling me about his life and his travels around the world; he was very sharp!  I asked him where he was headed next and he said South America. But then he added, “But it doesn’t matter, the doctors have only given me one year to live, maybe less.”  Without hesitation I placed my hand on his shoulder and said, “Or God could heal you and give you thirty more years.”

He didn’t miss a beat. He came right back and said, “No.” “I’ve seen the tumor, and there is nothing they can do.”  Then he added, “It is IMPOSSIBLE!”  And he made sure that he emphasized that last word.  And even though I mentioned miracles for today, it was very clear that this man had put his faith in what he saw and in what he was told; he was sold on it.  He believed he had to die and he would not have it any other way.  Healing? Impossible!

Some will say, “Yes, but I do believe that God can heal and do miracles.”  Unfortunately though, so many who believe this are pleaders.  They have received, or have seen a big negative arise in their life and they pray, “Lord, you see this terrible tragedy, Please heal…” or “Please save…” or “Please bring the finances…”

Please listen closely, the prayer of faith changes things, not God. You are not attempting to “sell or convince” God to work on your behalf; to do something for you.  He Has Already Given You The Victory in the situation!  Your Problem is PROOF that God has already supplied the answer! Romans 12:2 – Renew your mind to what the Word says about your mountain and let that be your final authority.
Pray The Answer, NOT The Problem.

God’s Word is the answer.  When anything contrary to your well being lifts its head against your life, take God’s Word and FEED on your answer until the Truth changes the Fact!  The truth you know will make you Free!  John 8:32

If you have tried to do a “work around” on God and fix it on your own strength, only to discover that it didn’t quite work out; been there.  Humble yourself, repent and thank God for His mercy and deliverance, like it never happened.  The Lord loves it when we act on His grace.  He is so faithful.

So, if you’ve been seeing and pleading, there’s a better way. Know God’s Word and speak your answer to the problem — without doubting. Remember, faith comes by the constant hearing of the Word of God, Romans 10:17.

Hebrews 11:1 says that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. That’s God’s Word – the substance of what you are believing, manifesting itself by changing the seen reality into God’s eternal reality which has been present since before the world began.

The next time the devil comes at you, remind yourself that you are not going to believe God, but you have already believed God.

“I have stepped into the finished will of God and I’m never going back. I will not be moved from my faith in the Word. I will never quit!
It’s done in JESUS’ Name, Amen, so be it!