Our culture is possessed with The Look! Today, it’s not the color of your skin (which is a good thing), but wait, that skin better be tight.

Tight skin is cool, but I have a question.  “What else do you have?”  You see, a McLaren F1 is a million dollar supercar.  Sweet!  And it shimmers on a showroom floor like few cars do.  But if it came with a Ford Fiesta engine, it becomes something else altogether.  It becomes…disappointing.  Some would say, ” A Cheater.”  A Deception!  For though it had all the appearances of a race car, it was not even close.

America is being cheated today because too many parents are buying into a glossy and shallow society.  It’s time to pay the price of building our children from within…by example.

Somebody is going to get their attention and become their number one influence.  Will it be you ?

We have a historic opportunity today.  An opportunity to lead from the heart.  And our audience is all ears.  Our future leaders should not be influenced as much by the culture as they are by mom and dad.  How they act on the soccer field should reflect what they have learned around the dining room table, not on Jersey Shore.   This commitment to our children should cause us to be the everyday mentors our young people are crying out for. 

Let’s develop a thought life rooted in the Word of God along with the principles of love, faith and the riches of  His grace.  As parents, when we commit to building our hidden parts, our children will see the results outwardly.  It won’t be long before they too will begin to hunger, not just for a fancy paint job, but for that powerful engine of character and honor which will propel them into the victory zone of life all of their days on earth!